Bring home the beauty of fused glass

Texas Girl Glassworks is an independently owned and operated fused-glass art studio based in Dallas, Texas. Established in 2006 by Cassey Scales, all works of art are made by hand honoring one simple philosophy: a love for the beauty of glass.

“Glass has always called to me; I love the way it transforms light throughout the day and night.”

Hi there! I’m Cassey, owner and lead artist of Texas Girl Glassworks. I’ve always been drawn to the beauty of glass and its ability to transform light. My greatest reward is sharing that beauty with you through my fused glass works of art. From the moment I made my first piece, it was clear I had a passion for fused glass–but the origin of Texas Girl Glassworks goes back much further than that.

Want to know how it all began?

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Cassey Scales

What is fused glass art?

To be clear, it’s not blown glass, nor is it stained glass.

Fused-glass art is simply the result of placing glass on glass in a high-temperature kiln. The process that goes into producing it is similar to that of making pizza.

Yes, you read that right. Want to learn more about what pizza and fused glass have in common?

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Give the gift of glass

The greatest reward of my work is the joy it brings people. Looking for a unique gift for a loved one? Let’s collaborate! (It’s my favorite thing to do). I’ll work with you to create the perfect piece of custom fused-glass art.