My husband and I are college sweethearts.  We met and married during college and then lived in that same town after graduation.  Our firstborn, Elliot, was also born in our college town.  We have spent the last twenty- six years calling Dallas our home.  We had our second child, Madelynne, in the Dallas area.  We have been very blessed with wonderful kids, now young adults, great careers that have allowed us to do amazing work that serves others.  We enjoy many adventures in Texas.  It’s a big state and we have managed to explore most all parts of it with our family and friends.  Although we love the outdoors, we also love living in the city and the benefits that city life gives us.  During our current stage of life as empty nesters, we are learning to adjust to life AK, after kids.  It has been fun and challenging, all rolled in to one.  We spend many hours on the highways traveling to see our extended family and friends that live throughout the state.  We are so fortunate to be loved by our wonderful kids, great, strong family members and an awesome friend group that lifts us up and makes life more interesting.

Each of the pictures featured here also have direct correlations to my dishware collections.  Mid-Century Modern is depicted from some of the great bars that we enjoy in the Dallas area with our very entertaining friends.  The picture of our kids and me was taken on the Texas coastline during a party for my brothers where the influence of the sand and surf can be found in the Texas Beaches collection.  The last picture of my mom and James was taken on a boating trip on a lake in Austin that our whole family was on, after Elliot graduated college.  The themed dishware, Nautical Texan,  was influenced by this memorable day with family.